Month: September 2017

Differentiated Instruction with Graphic Novels: Using Unconventional Texts to Foster Positive Learning Outcomes

In my previous posts for this blog, I’ve discussed how you can support LGBTQIA+ students in your college classroom. In this post, I’ll speak about how I’ve made curricular decisions to support another student demographic–diverse learners. More specifically, I’ll be discussing the merit of using graphic novels and how doing so can actually support the […]

Info Sessions on 10/5 and 10/9

The Graduate Certificate in College Instruction will host an in-person open house in Gentry 142 on October, 5, 2017 from 11am-12pm. The purpose of the event is to give prospective applicants a chance to meet the staff and ask any questions ahead of the November 1 application deadline for spring admission. There will also be a […]

Bringing the Current into the Classroom: Thoughts and Lessons on Tackling Tough Topics with Our Students

In our valiant efforts to integrate important current topics in our classes, we need support from the university and from each other, to discuss and exchange advice and strategies on doing this well. We will need support in the form of forgiving ourselves if it doesn’t always go well. We will need to recognize that some of our classes may become tense and uncomfortable (as a story I’ll share below illustrates). To actually open minds to consider new viewpoints and shift deep-seated beliefs and biases is a precarious, slow, and often uncomfortable process. But then, such is learning.