Month: April 2020

Fall 2020 Electives for the GCCI

The following table shows GCCI-eligible electives that are offered in fall 2020. You can see also view the spreadsheet here. Course Title Time Offered Description EDCI 5875 Multicultural Education (3 credits) 2 sections, one online; one Wed, 4:40-7:40pm Interrelationships between education and various sociocultural aspects of cultural diversity and cultural pluralism, including language acquisition and […]

The Quiet Minority That’s Thriving Online

By Kristi Kaeppel with special thanks to Asanka Amarasinghe for sharing his experiences In a recent online teaching seminar I attended, the presenter posed the following provocative statement for participants to discuss: in-person classes are obsolete. If this were in-person and mics were not muted, I imagine I would have seen heads rise suddenly from […]