Certificate FAQs


Q: How do I apply as a current UConn student? When I log into the application, it brings me back to my original graduate application.

A: To apply to the certificate program, begin a new application with your current UConn address or a different email address than the one with which you first applied.  

Q: How early can I apply?

A: The graduate school opens applications for each term on certain dates, usually about 9 months before the start of the semester. However, we do not review applications and decide admission status until after the deadline (November 15th for spring admission and April 1 for fall admission).

Q: Should I include previous academic transcripts if I’m already a student at UConn?

A: If you are a current student at UConn, you will only need to upload your current UConn transcript, even if you are a first year student. There is no need to include previous transcripts although you are welcome to. Note that the application form may require you to upload a transcript. In that case, you can upload a screenshot of your current transcript (found on the UConn student administration page).

Q: I can’t find the Graduate Certificate for College Instruction listed on application form. What is it under?

A: Our program is listed under “college instruction (certificate)” on the drop down menu.

Q: Can I use financial aid for the certificate?

A: No, this certificate is not eligible for financial aid through UConn. If you are a graduate assistant, your certificate courses are also covered by your tuition waiver.

Q: I’ve submitted my completed application, now what?

A: The program staff will review applications after the application deadline and notify you of your admission status within a few weeks of the deadline. If accepted, you will receive an email from the UConn Graduate School confirming your admission. You will follow the directions for accepting admission enclosed in the email.

Q: Do I need a minimum GPA to apply?

A: Yes, applicants must fulfill the general admission requirements of the graduate school. See those requirements here.

Course Requirements

Q: Where are courses for the certificate offered? Is it possible to do it online?

A: Right now, the required courses for the certificate are offered face-to-face on the Storrs campus.

Q: How do I know if a course counts toward the certificate?

A: The eligible courses are listed here. However, it’s possible that a course from another department not listed here might be a good fit. In that case, contact the program director for approval.

Q: Can I start taking courses toward the certificate before being formally accepted to the certificate program?

A: Students who have not been formally accepted can still enroll in GRAD 6000: Seminars in College Instruction (1 credit) and GRAD 6001: Introduction to College Instruction (2 credits). However, GRAD 6002 and 6003 are reserved for admitted students.

Q: What teaching experiences exempt me from having to complete GRAD 6004: Teaching Practicum?

A: Teaching experience serving as a teaching assistant or instructor in higher education qualifies for exemption as does teaching in high school, the military, or in an adult learning program. Teaching experience involves sustained student contact hours (teaching, training, lecturing, or facilitating during class time), contribution to the development and/or implementation of curriculum or course activities, and a role in formal or informal student assessment or feedback.

Q: If I don’t have a Teaching Assistant contract or previous teaching experience, how will I placed into a practicum?

A: Program staff will work to find you a placement within a course at UConn. We will strive to find you a placement within your discipline.


Q: Can I count courses I’ve used in my master’s or PhD program toward the certificate?

A: No, in order to ensure you’ve had sufficient coursework within our certificate program, we do not allow you to use a course that you used on your major program’s plan of study.

Q: I’ve completed all the courses on my certificate Plan of Study, now what?

A: Upon completion of your coursework for the certificate, bring your plan of study to the program director to have it signed. The program staff will then send it to the Graduate School for approval. The Graduate School will be in touch regarding confirmation of approval of your plan of study. You must apply for graduation from the program through their PeopleSoft accounts before the conferral date.