Fall 2020 Electives for the GCCI

The following table shows GCCI-eligible electives that are offered in fall 2020. You can see also view the spreadsheet here.

Course Title Time Offered Description
EDCI 5875 Multicultural Education (3 credits) 2 sections, one online; one Wed, 4:40-7:40pm Interrelationships between education and various sociocultural aspects of cultural diversity and cultural pluralism, including language acquisition and diversity.
EDLR 5130 Teaching College Students through Transition (3 credits) 2-3:30pm Tues A practical and theoretical course that gives students the opportunity to explore academic literature of student transition while teaching a UNIV freshman year experience course for students transitioning into the University of Connecticut.
EDLR 5201 Influences on Adult Learning (3 credits) 4:40-7:10pm Mon Interaction of person and environment. Culture. Role of environment. Situational barriers. Motivation. Self-regulation. Personality. Gender. Life transitions. Self-directed learning.
ENGL 5100 Theory and Teaching of Writing (3 credits) 4-6:30pm Tues This course provides insight and support for the day-to-day practice of the teaching of writing, and to encourage critical reflection on the history, values, principles and meaning of teaching writing in an academic context.
EPSY 5220 Introduction to Educational Technology (3 credits) 2 sections, one online; one Thur, 5-7:30pm Instructional applications of productivity software and educational technology.
EPSY 5510 Learning: Its Implications for Education (3 credits) Online Nature and types of learning, transfer of training, motivation, nature of instructional outcomes, with particular attention to individual differences among elementary and secondary school pupils.
GEOG 6800: Practicum in College Teaching in Geography (1 credit) Various Guided development of college-level instruction. Drafting of course objectives, selection of texts, development of course and lecture outlines, selection of grading mechanisms, and incorporating feedback for improvement of instruction.
HDFS 5010 : Practicum in University Teaching of Human Development and Family Studies (3 credits) Various Supervised teaching of undergraduate courses in Human Development and Family Sciences.
Math 5000: Mathematical Pedagogy (1 credit) 12:20-1:10pm Wed The theory and practice of teaching mathematics at the college level. Basic skills, grading methods, cooperative learning, active learning, use of technology, classroom problems, history of learning theory, reflective practice. Open to graduate students in Mathematics, others with consent of instructor. May not be used to satisfy degree requirements in mathematics.
NURS 5700: Health Professions Education: Evaluation (3 credits) Online Introduction to important principles of evaluation science, with a particular emphasis on formative and summative evaluations. Will help students apply these principles to the practice of evaluating educational activities for health care professionals in various stages of education and training.