Register for Spring 2019 Seminars in College Instruction!

Graduate students enrolled in GRAD 6000 as well as all UConn graduate students and post-docs are welcome to attend our spring teaching seminars. Seminars are offered from 1:25pm-3:20pm in McHugh Hall room 109 on the Storrs Campus unless otherwise noted. See the list of offerings and registration links below:

2/14 (*Thursday seminar*):  Bringing Play into your Class Through Complicity Games Facilitated by Tina Huey

2/15:  Experiential Learning facilitated by Kevin Thompson

2/22: Principles of Effective Course Design facilitated by Desmond McCaffrey

3/1: Supporting Students Athletes in the Classroom facilitated by Joseph Cooper

3/8: Fostering Intergroup Dialogue in the Classroom facilitated by Danielle DeRosa, Milagros Castillo-Montoya, and Jennifer McGarry  

3/15: Mentoring Undergraduates in Research facilitated by  Martina Rosenberg

4/5: Evidence-Based Classroom Exercises to Foster Critical Thinking Skills facilitated by Kristi Kaeppel and Emma Bjorngard-Basayne

4/26:  Student Developmental Theory in the Context of the Classroom facilitated by Aynsley Diamond