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  • The Case for Making LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Curricular Decisions
    By Timothy Bussey If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll notice that I focus on the overarching trend of LGBTQIA+ support and inclusion in higher education. In my first post for this blog, I discussed the rather broad topic of how to support LGBTQIA+ diversity in your college classroom. I’m going to follow-up with that […]
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    In our new series, 15 Minutes with A UConn Prof, we tap into the teaching insights and tips of UConn instructors in hopes of creating a collective wisdom on college instruction. How have your ideas of teaching changed over time? I think one of the the biggest transformations that I made in my teaching was really […]

About the Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in College Instruction (GCCI) is a 9-credit program for individuals interested in expanding their preparation in and understanding of college teaching. This certificate program is intended to provide graduate students with a significant credential on their transcripts in the area of instructional understanding and competence. It is an opportunity for graduate students across the campuses to gain teaching instruction, classroom management, techniques using technology, assessment and evaluation, and other pedagogical best-practice expertise in both general and discipline-oriented areas. The objectives of this program are to deliver and document such skills in both a theoretical and pragmatic manner.

Application Procedure

Applicants should fill out the UConn application for graduate admission available here. The application fee will be waived for currently enrolled UConn graduate students. All others will need to pay the application fee. Call the Graduate School at 860-486-3615 when you are ready to submit your application and they will waive the fee. Application review begins on November 15th for January admission and April 1st for August admission. Application should include:
  • CV/Resume
  • A personal statement addressing your interest in the Certificate in College Instruction and how your current or future goals will be served through completion of the Certificate.
  • One letter of recommendation that addresses why you are a good candidate for the Certificate in College Instruction. Your letter writer should send the letter electronically per the application instructions.
  • Transcripts (current UConn students do not need to requests transcripts)
  • If accepted, you will receive an email from the Graduate School. You must accept the offer by filling out the enrollment form link located in the body of the email.

Completing the Certificate

Once admitted you will need to complete:
  • GRAD 6001: Introduction to College Instruction (2 credits)
  • GRAD 6000: Seminars in College Instruction (1 credit)
  • GRAD 6004 Practicum in College Instruction (1 credit) ONLY if you do not have a teaching assistant appointment or prior teaching experience.
  • Six additional credits from eligible electives. See the GCCI courses page for more information.
When you have begun the final course for completing the Graduate Certificate in College Instruction, you are required to complete a Plan of Study, have it signed by the Program Director, Dr. Robin Grenier and send it to the Graduate School. The student must apply for graduation from the program through their PeopleSoft accounts before the conferral date.