The Graduate Certificate in College Instruction is comprised of a mandatory online training,the required 2 credit Introduction to College Instruction course, a required 1 credit seminar series course, a one-credit practicum in college instruction (for those without a teaching assistant appointment or prior teaching experience) and an additional six credits of coursework. This totals 9-10 credits, depending on whether you need the practicum. Together, this coursework provide a comprehensive experience of progressive training, practical application, and classroom learning to support effective teaching at the post-secondary level.

Tier 1: GA Online Training for Teaching and Instruction

All graduate assistants are required to complete the online training. Training encompasses foundational training presented in four online modules supplemented by readings, videos, and assessments. These modules will help students under and apply the basic principles of teaching and learning and identify general policies relevant to teaching assistants at UConn. See a list of FAQs on the online training for more information. By the end of the training, students should be able to:
  • Identify general policies relevant to teaching assistants at UConn
  • Identify the key characteristics of UConn undergraduates
  • Locate tools to help manage class sessions and interactions with students
  • Recognize the basic principles of teaching and learning
  • Identify strategies to help manage time
  • Identify the key principles of assessment

Tier 2: Seminars in College Instruction

Starting in spring 2017, those who are interested in extending their preparation for college teaching can enroll in the second phase of the Graduate Certificate in College Instruction, the GRAD 6000: Seminars in College Instruction course. This is an optional one-credit course that is completed through attending five seminars on various topics related to college instruction. Students can select the seminars that are of interest to them, and they can move through them at their own pace throughout their time at UConn. Examples of seminar themes include:
  • Research and Theory on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Thinking and Writing in the Disciplines
  • Service Learning
  • Educational Technology
  • Teaching Large Classes
  • Learning and the Brain
  • Course Design
  • Formative and Summative Assessment

Tier 3: Additional Graduate Coursework

Following completing the required GRAD 6000, 6001 and practicum if applicable, students take an additional 6 credits of eligible electives that focus on the pedagogy of college teaching. Students may begin their certificate coursework while completing the seminar series. Students will have the opportunity to explore theory and practice with leading education experts in their own disciplines. You can find a list of eligible courses here. Students who complete the Certificate in College Teaching and Instruction will have this qualification listed on their transcripts as an officially endorsed University of Connecticut Graduate School Certificate.